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I am wondering if the national score is changed between schools. I am looking at my scores and see that the mean of reading the program is 86.9%. Is this the score from the pool of people that took this test and this is what we have to make to get in? I do not have a reading disability, and I have taken this test 4 times. No matter what, on my inferences and Conclusions is always at a 70.0%. I KNOW they have said that the computer has been known to mess scores up and not give out the accurate score. Another thing is that I have over 100 credits, and I have been in the Nursing Program and I find this test is absolutely stupid to have to take to get into the Program when MOST questions from reading and English have nothing to do with the Program and the Science and English really don't either. Have there been anyone who has had a hard time with the ATI testing? Is it NMSU? Is it me? I am thinking of going to a different college because I know today I changed some of my answers from last time, and still I failed. In fact the last two times I took the test I came out with the EXACTLY the same scores in every section of reading and I give up at this college. I do not know what else to do. Any ideas from anyone? :angryfire due to the test and :cry: because I may have to wait till next year to take it again. I just want to be :D to be in a nursing program because I :redbeathe the medical field!!! I just want to be :lol2: again and :yeah:for accomplishment!!

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