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ati test


I am currently taking Medical-Surgical Nursing II and I almost done with this class..(YES:)) Along with the Med- Surg schedule, we are required to take the ATI test. The ATI test is tomorrow, so I am just taking the practice tests online to help me prepare for it. I don't think this ATI test will affect our grade any since it is to prepare us for NCLEX...but I still want to do good. WILL the practice tests help me do good? Is it similar to the ATI actual test if anyone has taken it? Thanx for answering:)

(I have 9 practice test...30 questions each, will that do me any good?)

In my program we took the ATI test after each course and then a predictor at the end of the program. I personally think the practice test help. You will also benefit from the ATI books if you have them. Good Luck.