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Hey everyone, I'm trying to prepare for the ATI TEAS does anyone have any recommendations for studying. I have purchased the ATI study manual and practice tests. Are there any other resources out there that would be helpful?

Hi EVERYONE!! I have a few questions I'm hoping i can get some HELP! I'm taking the TEAS test Version 6 in December, 2016, AGAIN... ITS MY THIRD TIME! Three times a charm... thats all i keep telling myself. I have the ATI V manual, but do you think i need the new version for version 6 test? I have the Mometrix book ( ATI TEAS SECRETS). But Im scared its not enough. Should i get the version 6 ATI manual? I just heard theres a ton of mistakes and it was poorly done... but on here i see differently! HELP! I HAVE TO PASS IT SO I CAN START THE PROGRAM IN THE SPRING (2017)

Is the science very different?


thank you !


I'm taking mines on Monday November 14 and I have been using the ATI V as well because of all the reviews I have heard on the new manual so I didn't want to waste my money, but It is my first time taking the TEAS test and I don't know what to except in your experience what did you find was the most challenging subject ?

I took the TEAS V a while back but I would suggest getting the updated version of the study guide!! It can't help and this is your ticket into nursing school so I don't see how it could be a waste of money. Even if money is tight, think about if you don't get in the program this time that you'll start earning money as a nurse at least...6 months later? Hope my logic makes sense.

Also, someone did post a link to the corrections to the TEAS 6 book so that should help.

I just took the TEAS 6, at 9am today. I work two jobs and do night classes (currently accelerated A&PII) so last night I had two lab exams and a 100 question written test. Needless, to say I don't have much time to study as much as I want. I scored lower on the actual test then I did on my second online practice exam. Overall, I completed in the "advanced" level.

I found English Usage and Science to be the hardest areas for me. The Usage section is only 24 questions, so they're worth 4+ points each, and it's been years since I've taken an English class, so specific terms and the fine detail stuff got me. For science, there was far more questions about the endocrine system and reproductive system than I would have hope for, since I haven't covered that yet in my classes. It was also pretty big about obscure details rather than macro anatomy terms and systems.

I usually scored lowest on science and math for practice, but I somehow got high 80's, and it was the one section where I came close to running out of time before completing. Overall, it was easier but some stuff like knowing conversions and comparisons of MPH is necessary.

Just took the Teas 6 , today and passed 82.7% ; Science-93.6%, Maths - 100%, reading-70.2 % and English-66.7%.

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Just took the Teas 6 , today and passed 82.7% ; Science-93.6%, Maths - 100%, reading-70.2 % and English-66.7%. Key issues to focus :

1) Common A&P principles by systems (as outlined in the Teas 6 Manual)

2) The Atomic structure

3) Basic inheritance principles

4) English - Punctuations, subject-verb agreement, derived meaning of words.

Hope this helps somebody.

Teas V was harder than TEA 6 to me. I studied the Teas 5 book to take the teas V but my school only use ATI now, and I made a 58 % on the AJI score. The science and English section of the book I feel is different from what I studied. I used the "Teas for Dummies book" so I do not know how the ATI book from the actual company ATI would have worked for someone.


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