Hi all! I graduated from my Nursing school which is in Texas in May 2017 (well graduation was officially in June). I have a situation....actually, several of my classmates have this same exact same boat. We had to take our ATI Comp Predictor 2 times in weeks 10 & 12. The minimum precentage that we needed to be able to graduate was a 75% which breaks down to a raw score of 69.7. The 1st Predictor was 2017 and the 2nd, was 2014 (which was supposed to have been 2017). OK, several of us passed with the minimum 75% so we graduated but here is the problem, we didn't get "greenlighted" because the school says that we have to have 88% to be greenlighted. We are having to take virtual ATI and it will be up to the ATI coach to tell the school that we are able to RETAKE the Predictor and then, if we pass without the 88%, then we are greenlighted. We were told, in the beginning, that the coach would be the one to greenlight us then was told that we had to retake to Predictor to get greenlighted. For me, I am frustrated because I am having problems focusing on ATI and then after submitting an assessment or whatever to the coach, it can take anywhere from 24-48 hours to get a response. Can we legally do anything to fight this? I mean how can we graduate but not be able to sit for our boards? Also, I received a plaque at pinning for having the highest GPA in my class.....Does anyone know what the minimum percentage is to be able to sit for boards in Texas? Is it 75%?

Thanks for the feedback!

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The state does not require ATI. No state does. If this is your school's policy you have no legal standing to challenge. Students with the highest GPA fail the nclex and students with the lowest have passed first attempt. If the school does not consider you a graduate then you cannot take the nclex. The BoN posts the requirements online to apply for a nursing license by examination.

Is this corrective action because your school had issues with nclex pass rates?

Wow! I really could've written your post! We had nothing in our contract about ATI so I had to go to the head of our department and ask them to release my records because I did not want to wait to take boards for the greenlight from ATI. Because there is nothing in my contract I was able to do that but you have to look at the original contract you signed with the school