ATI STORM!!!!!!!


:crying2::crying2::cry::cry::uhoh3: Just been curious about LPN ATI COMPREHENSIVE predictor exit exam. Am testing in 5days. Can somebody out-there help with study tip and what type of question i should be expecting on the test. Any :idea: is highly appreciated. Should i expect dosage calculation? Need help from whoever had tested and pass/fail. My school expected 75% to graduate or else :crying2:!!!!!!!!!:crying2:. :hdvwl::bow::plsebeg: :levcmmt:
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Every bit of content you have learned will be on that exam, including dosage calculation problems and pharm. I am not sure of the percentages in each category. You may want to research it on ATI’s website to see if they indicate that information. Did you school provide ATI study books? If so, I would review them. If not and if there is still time, order it from ATI. Good luck to you and knock your score out of the ballpark!


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After so many :wtosts: :urgycld:of ATI storm and worries. I PASS!!!:dncgbby::[anb]:

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