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My school uses the ATI program and I was wondering if many of your schools used this one? Anyone have experience with it and an opinion on its helpfullness/effectiveness? I'm only a week into school, but I'm doing everything I can to stay on top of the ball. I'm currently watching the nursing logic modules to help me learn about test taking skills. I watched the skills modules for what we were working on in lab. With being the first week and all they were pretty basic. Are the skills videos useful with later clinical studies? We do have to take one test during this quarter. I believe there is a practise and then a regular proctored exam.

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They are quite annoying, I think most students fail to realize that you do not study outside the ATI books for an ATI test. Anyways, take them seriously you need X grade (during your final year) so you can pass your program. Luckily I'm pretty much done with them.

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I never used my ATI dvd's but I did study from the books. However, I found that a good NCLEX review book (I personally recommend Saunders) helped me more than any other text in school.

I did very well on all my ATIs.