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ATI Predictor and UWorld Self Assess

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I'm taking my ATI Predictor and need a 90 percentile to pass. I've been taking the practice Comprehensive Exams and getting 65%. I took the Uworld Self assessment and got the "Very High" with an 81st percentile.

Any idea if this will be good enough to pass the ATI Comprehensive with a 90th percentile?

Also are these scores reassuring when facing the NCLEX or should I be worried?

Thanks for your help

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For the ATI predictor, I would focus on doing ATI practice test. When you do the practice comprehensive exams, the areas where you are weak, do practice tests in those areas (find the subject area and take practice tests just on those). From my experience with ATI, those questions seemed to be a lot different than when I would practice with anything else. I don't know why, but I felt like that. I always seemed to do worse with ATI than I did with school exams, or any practice NCLEX exams. My first ATI I ever did, I didn't pass the first time. For that, I studied a little from ATI and mostly from NCLEX question books about the subject we were being tested on. When I retook the test, I ONLY did questions on the subject we were being tested on from ATI. I passed in the high 90s (I believe it was like 95 or 96%). So, my advice to you would be to look to the areas on your practice comprehensive exam and find the areas you were weak in, and do ATI practice tests in those areas. After doing all those areas, then, go back and try another practice comprehensive exam. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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