ATI Practice Tests? How do they compare?

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For anyone who recently took the TEAS and has taken the practice tests; do you consider the practice tests to be harder than the actual TEAS, or about the same? I got a 72% on form A on my first practice test, studied for a week and brought my score up to 76% on form B. I'm taking the TEAS on Weds so I'm just wondering how the ATI practice tests compare to the real thing. Thanks!


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I also did the practice tests and first took form A and scored an 85. I did form B two weeks after studying and scored a 77. The discrepancy is probably due to the testing conditions I underwent for form b, or maybe I just overthought a lot of questions?! Who knows. I take the test on June 17 (a week from now) and I am so nervous!


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Best wishes! BN94. You'll do fine.

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I jus redid form A and got an 86.7. I'm taking the teas tomorrow.... I hope I do okay! I'm so nervous!

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I take my TEAS on June 16, and the general consensus has been from my friends that have taken it is that the actual test is easier than the practice tests. I'm hoping that's true! I scored a 75% on practice A without any studying and scored an 80% on practice B after a couple weeks of studying. I'm brushing up on my weak areas and am hoping for the best.

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I just took the teas today and scored an advanced 78! I'm happy with my score, as that is a good score for spring nursing at my school.

My individual scores were:

Reading: 89.4

Math: 87.5

Science: 61.7 (this area is always my downfall!)

English: 79.2

Overall: 78

Definitely use the practice tests. They helped me so much. The last time I took the teas I got a 73.3 proficient, and this time I brought my score up to a 78 advanced.

As far as how it compared to the practice tests, I thought reading was a little harder (but the practice tests still really helped!) Math was a little easier, science was about the same, and English was harder in some areas and easier in others.

Not only did I use the practice tests, but I used Kaplan Teas Strategies book as well. It helped!

Good luck when when you guys take it!


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I just took the TEAS 6 today and scored 95.3%. I bought the practice exam A because I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. On the practice exam I got an 85% and I felt like that practice one was much harder. It was nice because it told me what to study. On the practice I got 58% for the english section and on the actual test I scored 100% on that part. Math was frankly my strong suit and I got 100% in math for both. Make sure you know how to solve for x in simple equations and can convert and work with fractions and percentages. I studied as well with a hand-me-down TEAS 5 manual and mostly with an app on android. I believe it was called ATI Teas 6 practice exam, and it was made by CoCo e-learning. Highly reccomend. So many free practice questions in each category, and they tell you why each answer is right or wrong. Without it I would not have improved my english section as well. Good luck to everyone taking it!

If you choose to take a practice exam, take it early so you know what to study for. you get to take it twice, so you can take one really early, and the other after studying to see how you improve.


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I just took the TEAS 6 test yesterday and feel the real test was much harder than the practice test. Furthermore, I feel somewhat mislead by the ATI practice tests after reading that many people felt the real test was easier. Not for me.

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Honestly it gives you a feel for the timing but the reading was much more longer. The math was slightly different than the Practice A and B. In my opinion the science was in the same ball park as Practice A and the English was similar to the manual. Luckily I passed as proficient. Enough for my desired program.