ATI Critical thinking Entrance test Advice


Hello! I am about to take ATI critical thinking test next month! I am so nervous about it.

Can anyone give me any advice about it? Like what will be on the test


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I got this from a thread on this website from 2011... Other than it and a million things come up but I have personally never taken the test...

The ATI Critical Thinking test consists of the following catagories:


to understand, comprehend, decipher, and explain the

meaning of written materials, verbal and nonverbal

communications, empirical data, and graphics.


to examine, organize, categorize, or prioritize variables such as

signs and symptoms, evidence, facts, research findings,

concepts, ideas, beliefs, and points of view.


to draw conclusions based on evidence, to differentiate

between conclusions/hypotheses that are logically or

evidentially necessary and those that are merely possible or

probable and to identify knowledge gaps or needs.


to explain, in writing or orally, the assumptions and

reasoning processes followed in reaching conclusions, and to

justifying one’s reasoning/conclusions in terms of evidence,

concepts, methodologies, or contextual considerations.


to assess the credibility of sources of information, to

assess the strength of evidence, to assess the relevance,

significance, value or applicability of information in relation to a

specific situation, and to assess information for biases,

stereotypes, and clichés.


to continuously monitor, reflect on, and to question one’s own

thinking, to reconsider interpretations or judgments as

appropriate based on further analysis of facts or added

information and to examine one’s own views with sensitivity to

the possible influence of personal biases or self-interest.