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ATI comprehensive RN predictor

I know there are tons of posts on this, but they're older. I have the ATI comprehensive predictor in a few weeks. It is worth half of our grade and we must get a 71.3% which translates to a 94% chance NCLEX pass rate. I have leveled every ATI 2 or above as required by my school for points, but I am still extremely nervous as this depends on me graduating. I never had to study in high school which has really hurt me because now in nursing school I do what I can, but I am gonna give most of the credit to luck. I have started redoing all the ATI tests that I can, but I am wondering if there is something else I should be doing? I do not have time to go back and reread all the ATI books as we still have a full load this semester with clinicals and a lot of busy work in my eyes. If anyone can tell me what worked for them I would really appreciate it! The ATIs I leveled on (such as Pharm) were not because I knew the content it was more I was able to figure out the best answer with luck. Way to shatter confidence right before the NCLEX :/

loveofrn specializes in MICU.

71.3 is too high for your school. My school cut off mark is 69.3 which is 90%. I posted some tips yesterday.

Make sure you do the practice test and know the rationale before taking the test

You're gonna be nervous no matter what, which isn't a bad thing. I was nervous too and I did fine. I studied the same way you did, by doing ati tests. Like you, I also would "feel" out the best answer with a little bit of luck. But if you ask me to just list side effects of a med then I could only list a couple. More good news is I did the same with NCLEX and passed in 75. I don't mean to make this about me, I'm just trying to say you'll be fine and keep it up. You may even be surprised with your score ;)

No, no make it about you! That's fine! It makes me feel better to hear positive outcomes!!

What did you title it?! I didn't find it! I agree it is a high score and to have graduation riding on that one test :/ I have been doing all the tests, however it seems like it is no help when you get to the real ATI for example Pharm ATI practice seemed like more common meds and the real one was medications I have never heard of! Same for ob and peds all stuff I have never heard of!

No, no make it about you! That's fine! It makes me feel better to hear positive outcomes!!

Well, in that case, I'll keep going! I found the test easier than the usual ATI proctored since it had to cover more ground, so it was more general. Some of the content from ATI comp predictor practices may show up (hint hint). It's just pretty straightforward. I know nothing I can say will stop you from worrying, and that's good. There's also the free ATI app that you can do more practice questions on. I would NOT recommend it for NCLEX though since some of the ATI information will be different. But for an ATI test you follow ATI law. I managed to pull an 80% on it by ONLY doing questions. I was shocked. But this test is more like a normal test in terms of the grading so getting a 70% or an 80% isn't unheard of.

Thank you!! So the comp predictor the practice tests that are available on ATI or the practice proctored ones? I do the app nonstop when I do not have access to anything else. Congrats on your 80! ATI does this new thing now where you have to login again after the proctored assessments to see your scores. I thought I had to retake my nutrition because when it went back in it went to the "waiting for proctor" screen. I have never sworn so much when we are supposed to be quiet during a test than I do waiting for those stupid ATI scores to show up!

I thought it was easier than both. It tests you on the big ideas, not too many nitpicky things. The only issue I could think of are meds, but the actual meds were also on the practice. Not all, but some. I wouldn't suggest cramming though.

And I always thought that was a bug when it logs you out. Started doing that to us by the end of our program.

In saying the test is easier, I'm not saying to get a false sense of confidence easy, but after taking it you'll probably think it's not so bad.

Thank you all for your help! ATI was today. I went in pretty nervous as life never goes as planned so my study time was probably 98% less than where it should've been. However, I ended up scoring an 82.7 which translates to a 99% predicted NCLEX pass.we were kinda blindsided with a 2016 version when everything else has been 2013. But it worked out for most of us. They do put a survey at the end that makes you want to start yelling when you just want your score. From all the stress I literally started laughing out loud. That was a dirty trick of them to play!

my school which is Baltimore City Community College ADN program requires

raw score of 80 which is 100% from proctored pharmacology and comprehensive exams.

i got 74% which is equivalent to 96% from comprehensive exam and 75% from the proctored pharmacology.however, those are not enough to pass exit exams, i have to take them again. i realized that only my school wants ridiculously higher scores on them than any other schools. i have 2nd proctored pharmacology exam within 3 days, i am kind of lost that how i need to prepare to get over raw score of 80..


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