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Hi all! New to this site but when I found it I thought it would be a great place to join and ask for some tips! I am graduating this December (2014) and we have to take the ATI comprehensive predictor and pass it with a "94% chance of passing the NCLEX" score. Which equals like a 71.3%. I took it the first time, the A version, and got a 70%! I studied a ton for it, anyone have any pointers on what to study for the B version, such as what content? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! I always do fine on my exams, I just for some reason struggle with ATI! :(


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Hi Future.nurse7!

Oh the dreaded ATI comprehensive test....You are so lucky that your cutoff is a 71.3%! I just barely passed mine last week -- our cutoff is 77.3%! On the practice comprehensive, I got 58% and 62% and studied my butt off to pass the real test. I would suggest doing ALL the practice tests (the 2010, and 2013 for maternal health, mental health, community, leadership, and all the targeted medsurge tests). Read the rationales for every single question, even if you get the question right, because sometimes, they do give you extra information. As I took the tests, I would take notes on things I didn't know. For example, a question asked, "A pt is taking Phenylzine (Nardil). What is a food that this pt can eat?" Well you have to know that Nardil is an MAOI, and a major contraindication is tyramine, so you have to pick the food that doesn't have tyramine of course. You think I knew which foods don't have tyramine?! Nope, but the rationales told me, and I'd write that down. You should also have more practice tests under your "Tutorials" tab under Learning Systems. You're SOSO close though, so just study, and you will be fine!

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the tips! I tried to go through all of the tutorial practices and finals, but the actual practice assessment tests for each area has the rationales turned off! So frustrating! I am going to just read, read, read! :)


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I just wanted to say don't be upset that you got that score on Test A. That's pretty good!! I did worse on Test A. I got 65. I got 73% on the 2nd. After that, I got a study plan from an ATI instructor. She told me to study for 2 weeks then take my exam. I did and passed in 75Qs. I think you're on the right path and doing something right. Just continue to do what you're doing and you'll be fine. :)


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Hi OneHappyRN!

I recently took the ati cpe and got 91% probability of passing the nclex the first time, but my school requires a 95% to pass nursing school. I took the 2010 ati cpe form C. I'm almost certain that they'll use either the 2013 or a different form for the next one. I was wondering if you can send me your focused reviews, if possible, so I can create my study guide. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you. I can't pm as I am still new to allnurses. If you are aren't able to send me a pm either, I cand send my email address. Please let me know. Thanks a lot!