Athens Tech ASN 2024

Anyone applying to Athens tech RN program 2024? Nursing Students School Programs


I'm nervous about getting in! I did well on the NLN but my GPA is just decent. I hope we know soon! 

Hi! I hope you hear back soon and that you receive good news! I was told that they look at the GPA of your pre-req courses and NLN score the most. I was just accepted into the LPN to RN Bridge Program that starts in May. 

Congrats! That's awesome 

Any word yet?? Got my fingers crossed for you!!

Thank you! I don't think we will know till early April 

Has anyone heard of anything? Are we getting emails and mail?

I got my letter in the mail on February 25th for the bridge program. Did you apply to the bridge program for LPN/paramedics or the regular ASN program? I think if you applied to the regular ASN program, you should hear something by early April. Best of luck to you!! Keep us posted

I applied to the ASN program. Thank you!

I haven't heard! But let me know when you do Marissa! Hopeful for you! 

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I got 88 on my NLN. Not sure if that's competitive. So anxious about the letter!

I hope you get in! I'm not exactly sure what's competitive either. I got a 97 on NLN but my GPA is a 3.1. Not sure how much weight they put on each stat! 

I emailed the office March 5, and they responded by saying they were working on the applications and that the letters should be going out by the end of that day. He said we should receive them in the next few business days, but it's been a week, so not sure!

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