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At a loss

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I apologize in advance that this may be all over and seem like a rant.

I have been a CNA at a local LTC facility for 4 almost 5 months now. I like the work. I like being able to see my lady smile at me after crying that dinner was horrible but I got her something else she wanted and I was told I made her day. However the place I work with is far from perfect. We are always short staffed. Last night alone there were 3 of us and an RA. Luckily the RA did vitals for us and passed ice. But that was 30 people I had to take care of. Where I work there are 2 girls that are beat friends. No big deal except for the fact that the new girl is now best friends with them too and they have made a little clique. I understand it happens. But the new orientee who started a few days ago is now in that clique as well. I understand I'm left out. It just hurts when all of us are standing and I'm looked over. When they all go to dinner together and don't even bother asking me if I want something to eat. I don't get help with any of my patients except from one other girl who isn't part of that clique. But just the other night I was helping her as she was me and we got yelled at again for spending too much time together. This poor girl even has taken a write up for me (when I first came down to the rehab side we didn't have an assignment. I followed her around and she had to do 2 assignments, mine and hers. That was because they didn't orient me. They just thew me in because I should've known what to do since I had came off the LTC side but I didn't know any patients. But the poor girl got wrote up for helping me). The one nurse I completely dread working for. I feel as if I make a simple mistake of any kind she is going to either write me up or fire me. We are always short staffed and more times than I can count I'm being asked to come in or work over. While the clique leaves on time every day I struggle to make it out after 30 minutes past when I was supposed to leave. Instead of helping me the clique just stands there and watched because they're done their work. I just don't know what to do. Part of me wants to stay because I've grown attached to these patients. A lot of places ask for experience and I don't think I have enough to get another job. However the constant crying, feeling left out, always staying late to get things done, its getting to me. I just don't know what to do. Are all LTC facilities like this..?

Missingyou, CNA

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My two cents worth:

First, don't stay over to "finish" anything. Leave when you are scheduled to leave. Make sure your charting is done before the end of the shift so you don't stay over. It may mean someone doesn't get changed but, the next shift is there or on their way and they can take over, if they don't, that's on them. They are on the clock too and should be picking up where you leave off. It's called team work.

I'm surprised you haven't been in trouble for overtime.

If you get in trouble, explain you are just trying to get things done without unauthorized overtime.

In my opinion, if they yell at you for something like "spending to much time together" when in fact you were helping provide care, then you need to stand up for yourself and explain yourself!!!! Do it in a professional way.

I doubt they will fire you for such things. It sounds like this place is hurting for help! My bet is that you will have to do something such as abuse, neglect or plain ole just not show up for work, in order to get fired! (shoot...I bet, not even showing up for work will get you fired!). Even if they did fire you for something so small and trivial, you will find another job. CNA's are in demand in almost every area of the country!