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Hello! I am almost 30 and just enrolled to begin nursing school. I will graduate with an Associates in Applied Science and will be able to take my RN state liscensing exam in 2 years.

I am curious about the salary and other differences between the two. I haven't had any comraderie with experienced RN's in a very long time.

This is an important issue for me because of the years involved in school. There is a great one year RN to BSN program here I can plan on if it is necessary.



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Totally depends on what you plan to do. If you want to work in a hospital or LTC as an RN employee your Assoc. will be fine if you are looking towards management you willl eventually need you BSN but you will need experience either wya so I say get the Assoc and then the BSN that is what I am doing.

Good Luck

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