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I willl be graduating with an Associate in Science from our local community college this May, and also will receive my CNA certificate. At this point I realize that I may have not spoke to enough counselors or wasnt advised well enough because Im ready to go into the RN program at our local CC, and Im not sure if Im doing the right thing. I will receive an associate in applied science in nursing, but would have to do an accelerated online program for a year to receive a bachelors. Many of my fellow pre-nursing student friends are transferring out of our CC. and just told me many of the programs are set up to get a bachelors in two years, whereas, if I stay at our CC, it will take me three years. It is more convenient to stay at my CC because its only 20 minutes away from my home, and if I went elsewhere, I would have a one hour commute each way. I am an older mother, and low income since my divorce, so financial aid is of the utmost importance. I am almost tapped out of financial aid at our CC, but our local BEST program is there to help pay for schooling. And, does it matter what school you go to, meaning, will a larger more reputable school look better on a resume than a community college? Im so confused right now as to what to do, and what is the right thing to do. I live in north central Illinois, so I have considered the following schools, St. Anthonys in Rockford, Methodist & St. Francis in Peoria, but Im open to other options. I do not know what field I want to go into, but I have thought of geriatrics ~ but that could change once Im exposed to different areas during my clinicals. I guess Im looking for someone to tell me what to do, and what school is the best???? Please help, I will be so grateful for some good insight to my questions. Thanks a bunch!

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You can check with the IL BON website links for a listing of colleges and their graduation rates as well as board pass rates. About CC or BSN, it's up to you on how much money you want to spend/or incur as debt. Each school will have differing entrance requirements (GPA, testing, some extremely competitive to enter - especially CCs) - best to go to a few of the informational meetings where they cover all of the info you ask for. Both situations will require you have a good handle of who is on call for your kids while you are at school/clinical!! Needing to be absent or late etc. for kid issues in nursing school will not be tolerated, they are very punative in this, FYI.