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Hello Everyone,

Ok, so I just realized that I've wasted so many months only applying to Kent State's Accelerated BSN program and they keep turning me down :cry:. I think my former gpa isn't good enough, which there is nothing I can do about that, so I need to look at other options. I'm thinking of getting my associate's degree which would put me in the industry and then I can work on my BSN later.

Just wondering for the people who have gotten their associates degree, where did you go to school? I've missed the deadline for any of Kent State's satellite campuses, so I'm thinking maybe Akron Institute...but I'm still looking around. I got a postcard from National Institute of Technology, but I haven't heard of anyone graduating from there, so I'm not sure about them. Does any one have any info about them?

Thanks for any help. Hopefully I'll get this all figured out eventually! :wink2:

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