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Assisted Living - what do you do?

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Since I'm not getting quite enough hours yet at my hospital job, I'm looking at applying to a PT LPN position at an ALF. I've worked LTC before but never AL. What are typical duties and roles of LPN's in ALF's? Thanks!

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I worked ALF for one month. It was a wonderful facility, it just wanst't my calling. My normal 3-11 shift consisted of:

Take report, count narcs, spend the next 2/12 hours pulling the whole shifts meds for 50 residents. If your lucky, you might have another nurse there til 7p or a CNA that will help with answering the intercom, etc. Each of the residents had at least 5 meds. Put meds in their bin and wait til suppertime when they come by and pick up their meds/eye drops/finger sticks/insulin etc. Those that didn't come by I took to their rooms at 7p and 9p. Inbetween you chart, balance narcs, paperwork, there are calls on the intercom, 'what time is it?',,'i want a peanut butter sandwich instead of going to the dining room'..'i want my pain meds',,,those calls come in while youre trying to pull meds and deal with mrs soandso who just fell in her bathroom.

I'm NOT trying to make it sound terrible or anything,,its really a great job if that's your calling. It just wasnt mine. Good luck.

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