Assisted Living or LTC for 1st health care job?


Hi Everyone,

I am an LPN student and currently work in a non-health related job. I am ready to take the plunge and want to gain some real world experience.

I really like working with the elderly and I also have my STNA.

Can anyone provide any insight on the pros and cons of each environment for someone brand new at this?

Thank you


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I would try assisted living first and get good at it. It gives you good practice in all the basics of nursing care. After you feel comfortable and competent, go to LTC which will give you even more actual nursing skills and more money.Good luck. LTC is very hard work but it's great for learning nursing skills.;)

turtle rain

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Hi Blackcat99,

Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I can keep my current job and work weekends until I get a real feel for it.- I should be hearing back from a prospective employer soon.

Thanks again!!

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