Hello everybody,

I am an LPN student almost finishing my program. We are taking leadership this quarter. I have couple assignments I need help with. I always do my assignments/care plans myself without help but this is different. We have never gone through this subject in school, and as an LPN I do not have a lot of clinical experience. To do this assignments I feel like you need experience. I would appreciate all the help you can give me.

Thank you so much

"You are finishing your 30-day orientation to an oncology-pediatric unit and things have gone

well! The job is sad at times because of the suffering and sometimes death of the patients.

However, you have had an excellent mentor who has role-modeled empathy as well as skill

while giving holistic care to the small ones in her care. You are sitting in report on your first

shift without your mentor. It is the 3:00 P.M. to 3:00 A.M. shift and you are both nervous and

excited. Your assignment is to dyad with an experienced CNA while caring for seven

patients. Two of the children are terminal care and are receiving chemotherapy as an effort to

manage their pain. The parents for both children are in the room. One set of parents is

playing with their son, Jacob, laughing at silly jokes and in general enjoying their time

together in spite of the boy's discomfort.

Jacob obviously is in pain, but seems to be managing it with the support of his parents.

The parents and two younger siblings are in the room with Genevieve. The mother is crying

and the father is trying to comfort her. The younger children are bored and asking for food.

Genevieve is without pain, but lying in bed weak, pale and crying. It is the quiet type of

crying where tears simply run down her cheeks. No one seems to notice her.

You and the CNA, Georgia, are making rounds together and you realize you need to do

something about both situations; Jacob's pain and the apparent emotional distress of

Genevieve. Once rounds are completed, you ask Georgia to take the five patients who are not

critically ill and for 1 hour you will work with Jacob and Genevieve. Then you and Georgia

will meet again and assess the situation.

How are you going to prioritize the care you will give Jacob and Genevieve during the hour

you have dedicated to them? Make a list of the apparent needs of each child and indicate how

you would prioritize their care."


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Welcome to the site! The best idea is for you post an initial effort or some initial thoughts. Even if those thoughts aren't grounded in a ton of clinical experience, your attempt will let people know where you need the most help. From there, you'll get some good feedback from members.

Remember that both patients have some obvious needs that can even be identified by laypeople without medical training, so you'll easily be able to get started on it without a lot of practical experience. Good luck to you!