Aspiring to move to the UK


i am new to and i signed up with this site as a resource for me to get more information about some aspiring hope is have.

I am currently and RPN in toronto and i am aspiring to go back to school full time next year to get my BScN in 3 years with a bridging program.

I've been consistantly researching information on becoming registered with the NMC and i was curious to know whether or not they are accomidating to overseas canadian new grads. in addition to my education i would have 5 years experience as an RPN at that time.

i've visited london quiet a bit and i fell in love with the place from the first time i set foot there. And, i've been planning for this future there. so if anybody can help me with some information preferrably canadian or american nurses that have relocated to the UK that would be great.


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It isn't too tough to become registered as a Canadian, but you will not be able to register as a mental health nurse or midwife without extra training since the UK trains their nurses as specialists and your training will be as a generalist. Your RPN experience will make no difference. They are now requiring foreign nurses to do a supervised placement too. There are several agencies that will actually help you to register there, pm me if you want some names.

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