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Aspire to be a case Manager


Hello All,

I will graduate from nursing school (ADN) in three weeks....YAY!!! I am a mature individual who went back to school late in life. My strengths would lend themselves best to a case manager's position so I need to figure out how to get there from here. I will pursue my BSN, if needed, but am uncertain where to gain experience there are long term case managers which is interesting to me . Do I pursue an entry level position in long term or med/surg. I really am not a big fan of med/surg :/.

Thank You I really appreciate any input anyone is willing to give me :)

SummerGarden, ADN, BSN, MSN, RN

Specializes in ED, ICU, MS/MT, PCU, CM, House Sup, Frontline mgr. Has 13 years experience.

You need clinical bedside work experience of 1-3 years minimum and a BSN for most employers to even consider your application for an entry level position Case Management position. It does not matter if it is LTC, Acute Care, Psych, Home Health, etc. There are positions in every area that are Case Management that will hire you with any specialty of bedside work experience and a BSN. Therefore, do not worry about where you start. In fact, if you are "not a big fan of Med Surg" but like LTC, then apply to bedside (Staff) RN positions in LTC. Good luck!