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I am ready to get out of the aviation field and pursue a degree in nursing. The local ivy tech offers an ASN degree to become an RN. With the ASN degree as an RN is the job market really limited since I would not have an immediate BSN? I would continue the process to gain my BSN. Is the pay alot different (lower) since I would only be starting out with the ASN? Thanks


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I thought you sounded familiar ... had to find your prior post to make sure you weren't asking the same question:

Anyway, it depends on where you wish to work. Places like New York City have hospitals that have a strong preference for BSN graduates, but of course there are other hospitals in the same metro area that will hire ADNs ... the pay differential I understand is not even that much to be honest (from what I have heard) .. we're talking one or two thousand a year at most. The benefits of a BSN of course can be outweighed by the fact that your advancement potential is increased substantially. And if you're intending to go on for graduate work, you're already qualified to move on to that. The only big difference between ADN and BSN is the intentions of the nurse for her career advancement. A BSN nurse is no better than an ADN nurse and vice versa. ADN nurses may also be in a transitional stage, preparing to get their BSNs, while there are others that are quite happy to remain ADNs throughout their careers.

I can't attest to the job market in your area as far as ADNs are concerned, but you might want to do two things: (1) talk to the school where you wish to attend to get your ADN and see what their job placement is like and (2) call hospitals where you would think you would like to work and determine if an ADN is sufficient to be considered for employment. This should give you a good base to work from as you plan your career.

Good luck to you!


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I agree with the above, however, I just graduated with my ADN and I've been looking for employment for 1 month now and not 1 phone call yet! This might encourage anyone to continue to get BSN and even MSN as I intend to. This whole ADN vs. BSN is a load of crap to me and I think that we ADN grads should at least have a chance to interview for available positions so that potential employers can ask what our intentions are as far as going back for BSN. For me I only did my ADN because I had to work and could not afford a 4 year college. So not fair to not even be given the opportunity!


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ADN and BSN RNs have the same license and it should not matter what degree you have, both are qualified for the same entry level jobs. My opinion is that if you graduate nursing school without a job it is because your school failed you. They should be well enough connected with the local hospitals and other clinical sites to get any student from their program the connections they need to land a job. We spend countless hrs in clinicals at different sites while in school and should be using that time to make connections with recruiters and RN managers at those sites.

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