ASN, then BSN question..


Hello! Just a question for all you out there..

I've been a radiology tech for 2 years now, and I knew I've always wanted to expand my practice ans go further in my career into being a nurse. I'm beginning the application process for nursing school.

I take my TEAS test on 12/8. So long as I score well on it, I am a shoe-in for my local CC's RN program, which awards an ASN, beginning next fall. I was planning to go this route, and once I receive my RN, I'd complete the BSN.

My question is: is this route a smart choice? I know more and more hospitals require the BSN. I plan on doing the BSN without a doubt in my mind, but at this point with my current job, it seems more feasible to do the ASN-to-BSN route.

I'd just hate to get my ASN and then have no one hire me as a nurse because I do not yet have/will be working towards the BSN at the point of hire, and then lose out on a year of working experience.

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You'll have to check out your local job market. Are the types of jobs you seek available to new grads with ADN's? In my area, it is extremely difficult for a new grad ADN to get a job in one of the leading hospitals and/or in some of the more popular clinical areas. The jobs available to the new grad ADN's are the jobs that are "left over" after experienced nurses and new BSN's have not filled. If those jobs are OK with you, then there is no problem. But a lot of people aren't happy working a job that is not one of their top choices.

In other areas of the country, new grad ADN's have lots of opportunities -- some of them with very attractive employers.

So ... what is the situation in your area? That's the question.


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I second the idea to check out the market for ASN grads. I read stuff on here saying that some areas hire no ASNs or that ASNs are hired only in departments that nobody else wants to work. I chose to do my ASN first bc it was way faster, I could make money faster, and it wouldnt affect me finding a job. I got the first job I applied to. My point is, there are areas in the country that seem to be completely opposite in this aspect, so ask around and check the market. If you dont know any nurses in your area, you can post a question here on allnurses regarding your state/region, maybe even ask about a particular hospital.