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ASN to BSN Question

by Jfonseca11 Jfonseca11 (New) New

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to find out what is the best option for me and my future in nursing. I have yet to find the answer to my question on the web. Hopefully someone can help.

I plan on going to school to get my ASN BUT I also plan on doing a RN residency which requires me to have a BSN with no experience and have your RN within 12 months after graduation and apply within that 12 months as well. So my question is are you able to get your ASN then transfer to a university for your BSN but not get your RN until you're done with your BSN? Either way I look at it, its conflicting with the residency programs. When I get my ASN and get my RN with a pathway to BSN then I won't be within the 12 months after nursing school graduation. Then if I get my ASN don't get my RN until I get get my BSN I'll be far from within 12 months.

I am just confused on what to do. Please help

If you are planning on getting your BSN then I would just do it from the get go. Earning an ASN and then waiting to take boards until after your BSN program is not practical for a few reasons:

1) Your ATT will expire

2) Your chances of passing are highest immediately after passing nursing school and continue to decline the farther out you get

3) Most bridge programs (RN-BSN) will require you to be a licensed RN before you can graduate or take specific classes (there again, you won't be able to graduate until you take those courses)

So either complete a BSN program from the start or plan to find other positions as an RN with your ASN degree. There are graduate nurse positions open that are NOT residencies but that offer a longer orientation for those that have no experience as an RN. Check into the hospitals around you to see if they have these positions posted if it is something that would interest you. Otherwise, obtain your BSN in order to be eligible for a nurse residency program.

Thank you. Helped a lot. I'll go directly into a BSN.