Hey everyone! I'm now one here since I am on the path to trying to get accepted into Keiser's nursing program. I just have a few pre-requisites left to take, then the TEAS-V. I have been around hospitals all of my life, since both my parents are RTs. I have a close cousin who just recently got her Bachelors in nursing. So I know for sure that this is my career choice. Ultimately, my goal in nursing is so get my CRNA. My very good friend's sister just got accepted into a program for hers. That's something I definitely dream of getting myself.

Here's my question. I read somewhere that a CRNA requires 7-8 years of schooling. Problem is, Keiser I understand is a credited school for nursing. However, it is a fast-paced program. Here is a piece from the site that I had read...

"There are many educational requirements to become a nurse anesthesiologist. After high school, you must earn a 4-year degree and become a registered nurse (RN). There are some programs that take less time to become a registered nurse, but because a nurse anesthesiologist also requires a master's degree, the 4-year degree is a requirement. After the 4 years and the degree, a graduate must take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered "


Is this true even if you work for a full year after receiving your RN degree meanwhile working on getting your BSN? That being my goal, I don't want to ruin that by having went to Kaieser for my ASN. :/

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As long as you get the four year degree it doesn't really matter if you got your ASN beforehand. However, what IS going to matter is whether or not you get a job in Critical Care. Most CRNA programs require you to have a couple of years of Critical Care experience to even apply. Most hospitals require ICU level nurses to have a four year degree these days rather than a two year degree. If you have the choice, getting your BSN right out of high school is the wiser path. If you don't have a choice your pathway to CRNA may take a bit longer to reach.