Asking for vacation time during interview?


My husband and I are really hoping to relocate in the next few months. I am a NICU RN with 2.5 years experience and have a children's hospital I really want to apply to. Only problem is we are in two weddings out of state in 2016, one in July and one in September. We have to be able to go as we already committed to being in them and one is my brother in law (my son is in the wedding and so is my husband). Is it common to mention this during interviews if I were to get one? I don't care at all about it being paid- I just need about a week off both of those times. I know this specific hospital does 12 hour shifts so maybe I could just offer to work for a lot before hand. I just wouldn't want to mess my chances up by asking but it really isn't optional I have to be there. Do interviewers usually ask about this??


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Don't mention this in interviews. When an offer is extended, inform HR and/or the nurse manager of any prior obligations. This happens all the time and is usually accommodated.