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I plan on applying for ICU next spring. I would like to only spend 1 yr on ICU. My question is did you all tell your managers when you got hired that you wanted to be a CRNA? I heard that they frown upon that. Thing is, I would start in the spring...if I got hired...& have to have my application in by September...I prob wouldn't even be done with orientation. This situation just makes me a little nervous, as if I am being deceptive. Thanks.


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i dont think what you plan for your future is none of their bee's wax...i have heard of some managers giving the cold shoulder to newbies if they make known that they'll be trying to leave within a yr or so for school, face it they dont want to waste the & energy of training you if your leaving soon. face it if the hospital or manager needed to cut staff they wouldnt loose to much sleep about letting you go so i'd soak up as much unit exp. and continue with the admissions process and keep it secret as long as you feel like you need to.

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Don't tell them. Keep your cards close to your chest on this one.

With that having been said, I know most programs only require a year, but you will be much better served with longer than a year.

Use the time to take a few chemistry courses, and an A&P refresher. If I had it to do all over again, I would have waited another year and done just that.

Good luck.


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It all depends on what your nurse manager is like. If they are supportive and would like their staff to better themselves I think it would be OK to tell them that you eventually plan on going to CRNA school. After all, a person who wants to go to grad school is more likely to take on challenges than someone less ambitious. If they are negative about you going to CRNA school I would not want to work there, and would seriously think about going to another unit. My nurse manager actually asked me at my one year review if I wanted to go to CRNA school and gave me info and some pointers (her husband is a CRNA.) Also, you would probably serve yourself well spending at least two years in ICU before going to CRNA school to give yourself some exposure to all the things an ICU can throw at you, because you really can't absorb all of it in one year. Just my two cents.


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I am about to start a new position in the ICU and have already told my manager. One thing to keep in mind is that you need a full year in the ICU. If you graduate in May, you can apply for September, but you will have to answer to that in your interview. Good luck with your decision.


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Thanks everyone! I am now leaning toward doing 2 yrs of ICU. I contacted the university I plan on going to & they said I can take up to 9 credit hrs before I get accepted to the program. So, I will get some classes out of the way & get the needed experience that everyone keeps recommending. Good luck to you all!

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