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Hello, I am an LVN/LPN of 3 years who has worked primarily in psychiatric and home health. My interest though is in the OR. No hospitals in my area will hire and LVN without OR my question is do you think it is a good idea for me to do a surgical tech. program of 2 semesters, or to get experience and then transition to Rn, which I plan to do anyway. My thinking is that as a graduate RN it would help me to get a job in the OR. What do you think?


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If it's what you really want then I would do the tech school as you said and then do..... The thing is even if you have an RN license or not, most surgical suites will only hire experienced staff or in some instances that I've seen a graduate from one of the surgical tech schools.

Good luck :up:

Thanks for the advice. That was about what I was thinking. I welcome all advice and opinions.....

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As a surgical tech you will get scrub-in experience which is very valuable! When you decide to go back for your RN it will be an easier transition for you if you decide you like the OR and want to stay there.

Where I live, the hospitals have OR residencies which are open to new and experienced nurses. They take applications 1-2 times per year. Just something else to think about if you decide you just want to go on to RN instead of surgical tech (scrubbing experience is highly desired, especially when you become an RN!!).

Thank you....I appreciate the advice !

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