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First of all, I would like to thank all the people who replied to my previous post about average retirement age of CRNAs. Great forum and great people.

I am considering going for CRNA. As I know MDAs emerge after CRNA and they develop later, I am a little bit worried. What's the long-term prospect for CRNAs? Will MDAs grasp all the jobs ( I saw a post on medical forum that some medical school graduates won't go for Anesthesia residency becuase they think CRNA will take up all the jobs) ?Will they push down CRNA's autonomy and pay? I think it won't happen. But let's say in the very rare case it happens, and if I was a CRNA at that time, then I think what I am going to do is try to get into medical school and become a MDA myself.

My question is, is my worry completely unnecessary? If not, then, will the transfer from CRNA to MDA easy? I am sure the previous experience definitely will help find a MDA residency. Anyone take this path?

For the first part, CRNAs provide 2/3 of the anesthesia in the country today. With the current trend for more cost-effective means of healthcare, the importance and prominence of anesthetists can only grow. There is a tremendous need in rural areas, and the demand is growing. Lately, we've seen legislation that is recognizing the work performed by anesthetists as equal to the work performed by anesthesiologists. CRNAs will always be needed in my opinion, and the need should continue to expand.

For the second part, you need to decide what you would rather be. Is being a doctor important to you? Is being a nurse important to you? I guess it also depends on what your current situation is. If you are currently a nurse, going the CRNA route seems most logical.

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CRNAs are here to stay. There is a place for both MDAs and CRNAs in the healthcare setting.


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Thanks, AnesthesiaBound.

I am an accountant, and am working towards the CPA license, just to keep the current job and make a living. I really don't like accounting for the least bit, I was forced into this major by my parents. Since I was a teenager, I've always wanted to work in a hospital/healthcare settings.

I am going start taking science classes after I finish this time-consuming computerized CPA exam. I am looking forward to leave this area as soon as possible. Now I am really confused, don't know where to go. Nursing-CRNA, or go directly to medical school. Also I am 31 now, I want to have a family and life very soon too. I think I am going shadow some nurses/doctors and volunteer in a hospital before I make a decision.

Again, AnesthesiaBound, thanks for your suggestion.:)


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As you can tell from my nickname, I'm also a career switcher who has previous experience in eng. and business.

My advice to you: make sure you look at several fields, before switching.

My decision has to do more with lifestyle than earnings, and I quit my job 9 months ago to "test drive" several medical specialties, before realizing that CRNA is what fits me best.

I've shadowed a CRNA, I've talked to anesthesia residents, I even am accepted in a Pharm school ... :rolleyes:

Some of things to consider:

1. the work is only indoors, under artificial light

2. there's no "personal space" similar to what you have in an office or cubicle

3. there's daily trauma - only a certian psychic can deal with it.

Good luck ;)

rhp123, in your response, your future life seems very important to you - especially your immediate future. please consider that from where you are, you are looking at 2-4 years for your BSN (depending on how much science, etc can transfer toward a nursing degree), at least 1 year critical experience, then another 2-3 years of anesthesia school depending on which program you choose. This also assumes that everything marches out exactly as you hope it will (it didn't in my life)

Just something to consider. I wish you luck.



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I know it will take a long time to achieve the goal if I go for it, and it is well possible that I might just stop or stuck in the middle. Well, if that happens, I am just going to be a MSN with a speciality (this will add another Master's degree to my current 3 Master's degrees :)


Thanks for your information. If i am going to switch, I know I am not going to have the luxury of the privacy of an office or cubicle. I am also going to miss the freedom of web surf when the boss is not in the office. Hopefully, at that time, I will have a cote home that i always want to be there, and the great satisfication from the work.

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