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Currently looking to enroll in a ASBN program. I was exploring the MountSaintVincent program, but quickly realized the program was much more expensive than I had thought. While doing further research on the school, it appeared to me that the school and program do not offer much support, which I can verify based off my conversation with the advisor from the school. Thus, I am looking to enroll in a ASBN program that will provide me the opportunity to do my pre-reqs through an online platform (as someone that currently works full-time). For a bit more background on my academic history, I did my undergraduate degree in Education and Masters in Public Health and therefore need to makeup for the perquisites needed in order to be considered. With that being said, does anyone know of any schools that are worth exploring (preferably on the not-so-expensive end). 

I am also trying to save as much as I can for my pre-reqs -- what options do I have?

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Hi, I know this post is almost 3 months late, but I hope it is not too late!

Anyways, I also have two degrees, BA and MS, so I wanted to do the ABSN as well, back in 2016! I did the prereqs at multiple CUNY schools for like 2 years before I applied to Lehman College's ABSN 12-month program! 

I also considered Hunter College's ABSN but I think it is a 15-month program. I had to go with Lehman because Hunter required so many more pre-reqs (like genetics, huh?) while Lehman only required AP1 and 2, Chem and Micro. 

Anyways, I got accepted to be one of the 20 lucky ones! The program is extremely rigorous but like with any CUNY you must teach yourself since it is so fast paced there is no time to truly dig into the material! For example, for the med-surg 1, we had a textbook of 1,200 pages long, for a class that was only 6 weeks! We did use the same textbook for med-surg 2, but still...there was so much info, which was barely covered in class, so I had to read on much of it on my own time, like in the middle of the night! 

I did end up leaving the program due to some health reasons, but like I said, this is a fast-paced rigorous program! I do recommend it! Professors are tough but very knowledgeable and very kind! 


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