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Hi everyone,

I am looking for any advice on how I would go about arranging a pregnancy ultrasound while on vacation in the US. A little unusual I know! I live in Australia, and hubby and I leave on a vacation in 2 days for a 7 week trip to the USA, Carribbean and South America. I am currently 8 weeks pregnant (trip was booked long before!) and am wanting to have a nuchal translucency scan performed for peace of mind between weeks 11-13 approx. Because we are away for such a long period of time, it will be too late for me to have this scan done when we return to Australia. My husband and I discussed that we would look into having the scan performed while we were in the USA, however I have not been having much luck. All the medical imaging places and OB/GYN offices I have emailed have either not responded, or sent an email back stating they are unable to accommodate my request (no reason stated). It is difficult for me to phone during office hours due to the time zone changes. We have little knowledge of the US healthcare system and are wondering why this is proving so difficult. We realise that as Australian citizens we do not have any form of US health insurance etc, but I have stated in all my email enquiries that we are more than willing to pay whatever costs are involved to see an OB and have the scan performed. Does anyone have any advice??

Many thanks :)

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You need to check with your OB as to what ideas and/or referrals he or she might make for you. We cannot provide medical advice or referrals on this forum.

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Would doubt you will be able to do this in the US as the OB would not be able to f/u with the exam, you are not an established pt and this is an elective procedure.

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One thing you might try - I don't know if it would work or not - is have your doctor in Australia contact an OB/Gyn here in the US to see if they can arrange something. (Time zone difference would have to be taken into account, as you already stated.)

I can't promise that it will work this late in the game, but you might give it a go and see. Good luck.

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