Army Reserve BOLC SEPT 2011


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Anyone else going to RC BOLC Sept 2011. I am not sure what to expect? I have taken DAPFT and passed so I am not worried about PT so much. I am more worried about having no prior military experience. Any advice is welcomed. Thanks in advance


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Hey, I was at BOLC (long course) in January. My advice to you is to bring along a lot of patience. You and your fellow classmates will be put in leadership positions over each other, which will probably cause tension until people start to develop a sense of ease with the idea. You will be busier than the long-coursers because you will be sitting through classes that they have already been through when they have time off.

Overall, though, my best advice to you is to enjoy BOLC. You will meet some great people and do things that most people will never get to do. Make sure you bring some clothes to go out in for when you have downtime (main forms of entertainment include: the abundant Mexican restaurants on the Riverwalk, clubs (typically on the Riverwalk, but not necessarily), Cowboys (a dance hall--awesome), perhaps a stray rodeo, and maybe an amusement park if that suits you). A little secret we learned at BOLC: the whole thing was basically a party with some classes and training sprinkled in. If you treat it as such, you'll have a great time. Good luck and feel free to PM me if you have specific questions!

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Don't be offended if prior service folks (or even us direct commissions who were already corrected by the prior service folks, LOL) correct you as far as saluting, wearing your uniform, etc. Embrace the knowledge these fine people have to offer -- they will help you if you are open to learning. I just finished BOLC (the long course) today, and I agree with the above post -- it was awesome! I have made some life-long friends here.


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Hey Todd...I will also be attending BOLC (RC) in September...just received my orders today. Have you been drilling with a unit or is this your first military experience? Either worries..the Army does everything by the numbers. It looks like the majority of the time will be spent in the field during our 27 days in Texas. I would suggest bringing everything on the packing list. I am a prior service active duty Marine but the Army does things differently so its going to be a learning experience for me as well. See you there.

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Thanks for the replies. I am new to the military. I have a clinical training agreement so i haven't been drilling with a medical unit. I am attached to APMC and my medical unit is several hours away. I have been to a national guard transp unit a few times. I try to learn as much as i can from the soldiers but find it difficult to fit in. ie. they don't like officers hanging around them. I welcome any advice from prior servicemembers. Looking forward to meeting you in SA.