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Army Nurse Reserve Corp Meeting Preparation!!


Specializes in cardiac and neuro surgery; obstetrics.

Hi everyone,

So I recently spoke to my local Army Nurse Recruiter here in Virginia and i have my first official meeting with him in about at week, June 2nd. I am pretty psyched!! In preparation for this meeting, i would like to call out to all my military nurse friends out there to ask if you all have any advice for me as I prep for this meeting. I am interested in both AD and reserves. Any specific Q's I should be asking, any specific topics of conversation I should make sure I cover, what to look out for good/bad/ugly, anything I should particularly ask for in my contract... My spouse is prior service and will be with me, but this is still new to me and I want to cover myself. I am also considering Navy reserve so I want to make sure I get all the info I can, make sure info is accurate from my recruiter and do a good comparison before i make a decision.

Thanks for any and all help you all can give me!!


2004: ADN, RN

2008: BSN, RN (RN x5 years)

2.5 years critical care (ICU step down for cardiac medical/surgical, neuro surgical)

2.5 years: high risk in-patient OB (antepartum, L&D, postpartum, obstetric OR, ED)

BLS, ACLS, NRP, STABLE certified, fetal monitoring, critical care core courses, heavily involved in shared governance, nursing performance excellence/improvement councils and Magnet Recognition councils

athena55, BSN, RN

Specializes in critical care: trauma/oncology/burns. Has 38 years experience.

Half the battle: your Recruiter is a Health Care Recruiter. BIG Difference....

Well, I would think you would get some TIG (Time in Grade) for your nursing experience. Should get you in as 1LT (but I am not a Recruiter so please don't quote me, :D).

Not sure if still giving out sign-on bonuses.

The quota has been met for this FY, but if you start the process now you could be good to go for September or so (again, depending upon the Needs of the Army)

If you are thinking about going over to the Active side of the house, then think about which specialty you would like to work in and see about going for the generic course, if this is your desire.

Have fun! And let us know how things went for you!


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