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Army LVN vs Univeristy LVN

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I'm confused on which path to take to become an LVN. I was considering going to the army to get my LVN degree then go to a university and do the nursing program there to get my LVN-BSN. I have also been accepted to CBU, so I could do the nursing program there, but I still need prerequisites. My parents are saying they want the fastest route, but I believe both will take the same amount of time. Becoming an LVN in the army then going to an LVN-BSN program will be around 4 years. While going to CBU and joining the nursing program there plus prerequisites will take around 4-5 years. My mother said I can't use the gi bill until I have been in the army for a year. I also won't be in debt when I go the army route. So I was just wondering if I could get input on which is a better route. Also, would online LVN-BSN be better or in person classes?

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First of all, the LPN/LVN military specialty is very difficult to enter. The LPN/LVN license is not typically obtained through a degree program. The Army does not grant degrees, it’s mission is military preparedness not education. Notable exception: USA Military Academy at West Point. Getting an LPN license through Army training does not happen overnight and then there is the slight inconvenience of serving the resultant military enlistment, which, for a desirable specialty could be from four to five years after the training, which is similar to civilian LPN education, 9 to 12 months. The faster route is through a typical civilian proprietary program, which will be most likely from 9 to 12 months long or through a community college program. BTW, a civilian program does not come with a years long commitment to serve in the military, which many people, who are only interested in the free training, find to be unappealing. LPN to RN is best accomplished through an in-person brick and mortar program or a hybrid program. No LPN to RN program is truly completely online.