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I completed nursing probation in Arkansas in 2018 and used this website to try to find any information specific to my state.  I did 3 years of probation with the Arkasnas State Board of Nursing ( ARSBN ) and continued to work as an RN during this time. I have been sober since 2015 


I could not find a lot of specific for Arkansas, so if anyone in Arkansas need advice or just has questions feel free to post/contact me


I know when I found some information from Arkansas I was grateful for the information and support 

Hey!  I'm in arkansas and just started my monitoring a couple of months ago.   It would be so great to talk to someone who kind of knows what I'm going through!

Specializes in Pre-op/Intra-op/Post-op.

I'd be happy to answer any questions you have. or just provide encouragement. I learned a lot about my self through out my time on monitoring. You can do it! I told myself I had no other choice. I'm not very familiar with this (allnurses) platform but if you want to DM me you can

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