Ualr nursing program applicant 2017

  1. Hi, I just wanted to start a conversation for the 2017 nursing applicants at Ualr. It's a long wait until April. We can keep each other updated during the wait.
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  3. by   Whouston
    Hello, I'm a applicant as well for the summer 2017. I applied to the LPN to RN program. I'm so nervous and anxious about getting in. Are you a LPN
  4. by   maddiegrace98
    I've also applied to the nursing program. I'm hoping I get selected for the accelerated route! What classes did you have complete when you applied? And what was your GPA?
  5. by   Mehightower
    I have a 2.91 :/ but I have all the prerequisites for the associates and bachelors program done. I'm hoping that helps.
  6. by   Whouston
    I have a 3.3 which is kind of on the lower side. I have all my pre reqs except History. I'm enrolled in that now. Do anyone know about the lpn to rn program? I can't find anything about it.
  7. by   Reggie87
    Hi all! I'm so happy to see someone has started this thread for this years nursing applicants!

    Ive applied for the traditional track student to rn program and have compelteted all pre reqs aside from micro which I'm currently enrolled in. My overall gpa is pretty crappy �� But that was based on classes I took over 10 years ago. My gpa on the prerequisites required comes to a 3.3 which includes the a I'll hopefully be getting in micro. I'm pretty nervous about being accepted! I could've sworn that the speaker in our advisor sessions said the UALR application would only ask us for our grades in those specific pre reqs needed for nursing???but when filling out the application it also asks for our overall gpa (2.5)

    Ive taken a and p 1 and 2, algebra, Chem and now micro this past summer and fall..micro now in spring and have all a's and b's in those and the other pre reqs. I'll be stressing so hard until April!!!! ����������
  8. by   Skelley1810
    Hello Everyone I am a nursing applicant for 2017 as well, Good Luck! I am a nervous wreck!
  9. by   Mehightower
    One month down!!
    Does anyone know how many people apply and how many they accept?
  10. by   Whouston
    I know they accept 200 but not sure how many apply. But for lpn to rn they only accept 40 which is why super nervous
  11. by   miahj90
    Hello everyone!! I'm a RN Accelerated applicant as well

    What department do you guys want to work in ONCE we become nurses?
    I want to do Labor and Delivery or Oncology!
  12. by   maddiegrace98
    According to their website, last year they had 750+ applicants.
  13. by   2lunas
    I just attended the information session. The overall GPA needs to be 2.0 or higher. And as far as your pre-reqs gpa, the advisor said we have a better chance of getting accepted with a 3.0 or higher gpa.
  14. by   Mehightower
    I would like to do Neonatal or labor and delivery!