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Hi everyone! I wanted to start post for all of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock nursing school applicants. Priority application submission starts today and ends Feb 28 but you can still... Read More

  1. by   NurseMo0317
    I applied to the lpn to Rn transition program and was initially placed on the wait list because I was taking a class this spring and they were waiting on my grades. I just received my acceptance email Thursday May 18, and classes start on the 29th , plus I live 2 hours away. Very short notice but nonetheless I accepted the position and have to go for orientation and to get my books tomorrow
  2. by   HDP1313
    So I didn't know you had to turn in a transcript to the nursing department as well. I thought you just took one to admissions and everything would be transferred over there. That was my mistake. I took all my documents to the nursing department late March. I still haven't heard anything about being accepted, waitlisted or denied. I emailed the head of the department and they said they notify until early June. Has anyone still not heard if their accepted, waitlisted or denied? Just want to make sure I'm not the only one? Also, I have all my prerequisites completed and have above a 3.0 so I'm hoping maybe I'll get accepted.
  3. by   Clmckey
    I think there's still a few people who are waiting to hear something so you're not alone!! I hope you all hear something soon!
  4. by   Elexus
    As anyone heard anything? I'm still waiting to hear back. I see online that there only 2 seats left for July session and about 20 for May session which is confusing. My current university sent my transcripts to the wrong school, so I had to wait a few more weeks to send them off again. I had the opportunity to hand deliver my unofficial transcripts the nursing department while I was in Arkansas two weeks ago. The wait is killing me!
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  5. by   caitinthemiddle
    Just graduated from this program and it is fantastic! You'll learn so much about yourself and the profession! Congrats to you all!
  6. by   Eleacia
    I'm hoping that I get accepted into the Nursing Program in July. I just left a voicemail, so hopefully I hear something soon.
  7. by   Elexus
    Did you hear anything back? I still haven't heard anything back and I applied the first day application was open. Submit all of my spring grades and still haven't heard anything.
  8. by   Elexus
    I just got accepted! Super excited! I can't wait to get to know you all! I have created a group me chat for our class! This has help me a lot with other courses specifically other nursing courses I have taken. Just awesome to get help from other peers, ask questions, and meet up to study! Here is the link. You're invited to my new group 'NURS 1300' on GroupMe. Click here to join: GroupMe

    Download the mobile app to your phone so you can message can go to your phone.

    If the link doesn't work. Shoot me a email at if you want join the group! Good luck guys!