Relocating from az to AR. Any advice???

  1. Our family is relocating to AR. I don't know where to apply or if the demand for lpn is good. How quick does hiring process take? Best place to work for a 1year lpn with 20 years of medical & case management background. Average pay? I currently make 22.00/hr here im trying to get an idea of pay there. Best websites to apply for lpn jobs?? Plan to move at beginning of May. Please help me gain some insight on what AR HAS TO offer beside its beauty and Peace. Love it there. Thank you
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  3. by   Nurse8204
    What part of Arkansas are you moving to?
  4. by   AngelaCheree
    Near little rock im looking at surrounding locations
  5. by   AngelaCheree
    Anywhere close to little rock...orginally we wanted to monticello but doesnt look like alot of jobs there
  6. by   Nurse8204
    Well I live/work about 70 miles west of little rock so I have never worked there. I do know that there are plenty of job opportunities there and you should have no problem finding a job. Around here, nursing homes typically pay more than hospitals. Especially for LPNs. Some hospitals around here have stopped hiring LPNs. The only thing that will take time in starting a nursing job here will be transferring your license.. since CA is not a compact state, you will have to look up the process to transfer your license. As far as pay, it can vary depending on what field of nursing you decide. For a nursing home (in my area) LPNs start out around 18/HR for a New grad. Maybe 19 for 1 year experience. (May be more per hour closer to Little Rock) hospitals have a base pay that is usually low and they pay more for years experience and shift diff.
  7. by   AngelaCheree
    Im in az so im in the compact state. Actually a few jobs called me already , so your right it looks like i wont have a problem finding job. Thats great to know its plenty of opportunities. Thank you so much for your response
  8. by   Nurse8204
    Oh that's good you're in a compact state. It must have been another post I was reading that was from CA. Good luck w your move. You will not have a problem, we are so short of nurses right now that no nurse should have a problem getting a job in Arkansas.
  9. by   AngelaCheree
    Any schools for rn.that you recommend? Scholarships?
  10. by   Nurse8204
    I did mine through UACCM it's called the ARNEC program you can find it online. There are about 8 to 15 schools that participate. (Its satellite classes) so u actually watch your instructor on a tv in the class room. so class is from 330 to 830pm on tues and thurs then every other to every third wknd clinicals. Starts in Jan ends in Dec. Great for the working nurse.
  11. by   AngelaCheree
    Oh that would be awesome!! I will have to check it out. Thank you soo much for your help. Ill will keep in touch I hope to be there by April. This has helped me tremendously.