Refresher at St Vincent's then on to med-surg?

  1. Despite all my posts asking about AR Childrens I changed my plans. I will soon start the refresher course offered at St Vincent's. Has anyone here done this? I realize I will be offered a job in med-surg when the course is over. What are the ratios there? Some of the numbers I see in the med-surg forum scare me. Do they use computerized charting?

    Will I HAVE to do med-surg or is it possible to get into another area when the refresher course is over? I would actually like to do med-surg for the experience but not until I get some confidence back. :uhoh21: I would like to work somewhere with a lot of repetition for a while first. If I have to go to med-surg I will though. I will just go with the attitude that with patience, hard work, time and a good preceptor I will make it.
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  3. by   SandraJean
    I don't have any advice for you, I'm kinda in the same boat. Just wanted to wish you good luck! :chuckle