NCLEX results

  1. I took the NCLEX-PN yesterday and found out that Arkansas does participate in the Quick results service. However, I have "heard" that other nurses have found out their results within 48 hours. Does anyone out there know how to do this? I know, I may have to wait til it comes in the mail, but sure would be easier on my mind if I can find out somehow.

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  3. by   nananurse2
    No worries now, cause I passed!! You can go to and look up exam results under the online nursing heading.!!!! WHOO HOO
  4. by   GutiRN
    Just wanted to say thankyou, because i have been waiting for a few days now for my results. I knew AR didnt have the quick results and waiting was killer! So i saw what you wrote and immediately went onto the website and went to exam results, paid the 6 bucks and saw my results! PASS! so without you i would have been waiting a lot longer...
  5. by   anh06005
    I found out 2 days after taking my RN boards by looking up my license in the nurse status watch. My temp license was null and void and my RN license active which meant...I PASSED. And I didn't pay a penny.