Looking for a good LPN-BSN program - Anyone have info

  1. Hi everyone. I am currently about half way through LPN school, and my plan is to go immediately into an LPN-BSN program. I live in Siloam Springs, and the only traditional classroom program is through the University of Arkansas, which is 8 semesters long and is not a go at your own pace program like the one I'm in now. I had been researching some online programs...OU online has a good one but it is outrageously expensive since I am out of state. The only other ones I've found are through Indiana University and University of Phoenix, which I'm sort of leary of at this point. I dont even know if the ABON accepts BSN degrees from these online programs. I'm just trying to get my plans laid out now, so when its time for me to enter a program it all goes smoothly. I don't really want to do an LPN-RN (ADN only) program because I will just be in school forever before I finally get my BSN if I go that route. Does anyone have any helpful information or advice for someone just getting into this career and wanting to take it to a BSN level? Thanks so much
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    Did you ever get advice on this matter? I have had to relocate from Georgia to Arkansas and could use some helpful advice. I completed my pre-req's for LPN school in Georgia and had also completed some pre-req's for ADN. I could go either way. Right now I am just waiting to find out what Black River Technical College will accept on my resume. I have extensively researched in Georgia, but I am clueless in Arkansas as to what is considered a good program or not. Do you have any suggestions?
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    Ive been gathering info for awhile. Ive heard good things about hot springs, ar program. they have alot of nursing scholarships too. good things about morrilton community college. its 2 nights a week with clinicals every other weekend. Ive been told your lpn work counts toward your clinical hours. good things about beebe, ar program as well. Ive heard both good and bad about UALR program. I started out trying to get my lpn from baptist, HATED IT. Was sick like 2 of the 3mths i was there from being so stressed out. although ive been told they try to weed people out in that program but are not as crazy in the lpn-rn. Both baptist and UAM are known to be really hard. if u like a challenge-go for it. Hope that helps.