Little Rock Hospitals

  1. Hello,
    Looking to move to Little Rock this year and trying to figure out the hospitals. I know of UAMS, St. Vincents and Baptist but when I try and look up their specialties they aren't really listed out that great. I am going from a Stroke and Cardiac Certified Health Center and trying to stay in the same kind of hospital. I know that UAMS is Level 1 trauma but are the other hospitals trauma? Also how are the hospitals when it comes to LGBT employees? Getting married to my partner and he will probably be coming under my insurance.
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  3. by   LivinLovinWoman
    UAMS is great when it comes to LGBT employees and the only level 1 trauma. I don't know much about the other hospitals though.
  4. by   FutureRNArk
    I work at St. Vincent (SVI). It's a level 2 trauma center. UAMS is the only level 1, but they both see high acuity patients. SVI is the only Magnet hospital in the state. It's LGBT friendly, and the insurance covers domestic partners/spouses (it's actually really nice in that you can cover any one adult living in the same household as you no matter marital status, so like an adult dependent child that's past age 26), and our hiring policy protects against sexual orientation discrimination. SVI also has a nursing union. Pay is good, probably some of the better pay in the area plus they are offering sign-on bonuses. I'm not sure how Baptist is as far as being LGBT friendly. They are a level 2 trauma center as well. I've known several nurses at Baptist and they like working there. Every hospital has it's ups and downs, but people seem to like working for each of the hospital systems, so I think anyone is a safe bet.

    You might also look at AR Heart Hospital. I don't know much about them, but I've heard good things.