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  1. I am a new rn grad and am currently working in an adult ICU, 22 bed unit. I have just applied for a NICU position online at Children's hospital. I shadowed there several times on my own time and fell in love w/ the facility but was not hired for any of the positions I applied for after graduation. I am considering the change for several reasons....

    1. The hospital where I am currently working for the past 8-9 wks offer a "required" critical care course. I was told about this course when I was offered the position, but was not told that it would be at my expense until my 4th wk of orientation. The catch is that you have to sign an 18 mo. contract to the hospital or pay $1500 out of your own pocket. That just hasn't set right with me since the day I heard it. It's a 10 day course (8hr. days) of which I am paid while I attend. I don't think that 18 mo. is a fair bal. for 10 days of training. I think what upset me most is that they were not completely upfront about it at hire.

    2. I've had a bad orientation experience. My first 8 wks I was on day shift and I bounced around to 6 different preceptors. I don't think they purposely set out to give me a bad orientation, it just happened. I was ready to quit when I transferred to nights as a last resort. I have had a wonderful preceptor there for the past 3 wks, but still am not happy. I just don't think this particular ICU is a fit for me.

    3. I have a strong interest for pediatric nursing.

    Any advise out there.....This course starts Oct. 2nd and each day I come closer I cringe even more at signing such a long committment, especially in a facility that I'm not sure I want to stay. Am I being unrealistic in my expectations from an employer as a new grad???
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  3. by   glb1960
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    follow your gut. if you are not comfortable there, do not invest 18 months/$1500 in that place. find a trustworthy hospital and a home. leaving now, before too much time is invested is the best. you have the rn after your name, and that makes you very valuble. you will be asked why the first job didn't last very long in interviews. just be honest and tell them the truth. i promise that the new place you hire into will then be completely up front with you so they can hire a nurse strong-willed enough to stand up for herself and not take anybodies crap!

    good luck and keep us updated, glb.
  4. by   rngrad06
    Thanks for the advise...I have already started looking for a new job and have decided that I WILL NOT sign on the dotted line.
  5. by   tinkrbll_bel
    Apparently, you have been fortunate enough to not know what hiring for a new grad is like in Denver. I graduated in Aug. from a school in Southern Colorado. Graduated with honors, held positions in many organizations, was a nurse intern. Still have no job. Everyday I get up and I sit for hours on the phone, online, etc. trying to get my foot in the door. The whole new grad RN thing in Denver is, to just put it short, ridiculous. Right now, I am seriously having to consider moving to another area to get an entry level job, let alone be in a specialty area, and I'll be working nights. So, I just read your blog, and while some of your concerns are valid, I do think you are being a bit choosey and are taking for granted the job you already have. Especially for being in the ICU already...the new grad positions (and you will still be considered "new grad" even with your 8 wks experience) are really just the ones at hospitals no one else wants (psych, rehab, etc. and they are all night positions, but 70 people want them, because they are in the same boat as I am)...and they aren't hiring at this time of year anyways. BTW, Children's isn't hiring new grads, and I assure you that the NICU won't hire you, even if you did spend time there while a student: being a new grad is a whole different thing. Trust me, don't do anything drastic.
    I'd kill to be in your shoes right now. If you decide to leave, why don't you give me a heads up because I would take the job your leaving. I hate that I sound hasty and really negative, but I really want to impress into you that the situation could be a lot worse and that there are people out here in unemployment land who are having a rougher time than you (and your being paid too). It might be beneficial to just accentuating the positive inorder to get through this first little bit. So what that you have a new preceptor every day...this way you are getting to experience and examine different ways to go things (you could get stuck with someone you aren't compatible with and spend months loathing that person and the exerience) and I think it is reasonable to request an 18mos. contract or pay for the course, otherwise they are paying for you to attend a class and you leave anyway (expensive). Besides, what is 18 mos.? Nothing, and if you stick around long enough, maybe you'll see you end up liking it afterall. Save up the money in the meantime, and if you break your contract, all you'll have to do is pay back for the course, yet you got more than 8 wks. experience out of it. And some time to look for positions elsewhere.
    Again, sorry for the pessimism and negativity but, like I said, I am trying to give you the flip side.
  6. by   glb1960
    hey tinkrbll_bel vbmenu_register("postmenu_1841976", true); , if you decide to move, come to minnesota. the fairview ( ) system has openings and has many that will take new grads. i am a current example. been here for 1 1/2 years since i graduated. peds bmt floor. day / night rotation, .8 fte. all fairly common in a hospital setting. and if the fairview system isn't exactly right for you, there are 5 - 6 other huge organizations to check out. starting pay @ $23.00/hr. maybe a little higher.

    good luck and keep on hunting, glb1960
  7. by   Justhere
    Denver must not have a shortage of nurses like arkansas. ACH does hire new grads. I've been offered a job there but didn't want the hour drive. The hospital I work at, I work in the nursery, which is a combination between NICU and well babies. Usually we don't have more than 2 NICU at a time. I've only worked here since June and for the last month have been the Charge nurse. Several of my classmates were hired into the ICU unit and ER. But if you don't like the job 18 months will feel like 18 years. I would get out while the getting is good. I signed my 18 month contract but that is because I have always wanted to work in the nursery and finially got my chance.
  8. by   RNlovesSTLCards
    Yes Arkansas has a major nursing shortage. The hospital were I work hires 8-10 new grads for the ICU every year. And I have heard of jobs in Little Rock that you can start on days. Food for thought.
  9. by   Justhere
    Well had to put my foot in my mouth, tonight we have 3 NICU babies. But they aren't to bad just have IV's, O2 and Meds.