Fayetteville, how is it?

  1. Hi All! Hubby and I are looking into several states to move to possibly in the next year and a half. I am just about one year in ICU and currently finishing my bachelors. We have been living in California, and really don't like it here. I am pregnant with my 1st baby and want to raise them somewhere else, safer and with less of a focus on materialism that runs rampant here.

    We are looking for friendly areas where hubby could keep up his fishing possible hunting habits, decent schools and friendly family oriented communities.

    Does Fayetteville seem like one of those places?
    Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   cootvon
    to me, northwest arkansas is the greatest place to live in the state. multiple lakes to fish with Beaver being the biggest. Loads more within driving distance in OK. Deer hunting is good (not the best place in the state.. but good hunting). if he is a duck hunter like me.. he'll have to drive over to OK or have a boat for the AR river down at Alma/Dyer area. No ducks anywhere near fayetteville. as for fayetteville itself...i wouldn't live there anymore. I'm older and the demographic is still mainly 18-22 yr olds during the school year. Live in bentonville/rogers/springdale and visit fayetteville when you want to. they are all within 20miles of eachother. I'd say the area is one of the safest in the state (although i don't have crime statistics to back that up). In college I wouldn't be afraid to walk home from somewhere at 2am. I'm sure it's still the same way. Definitely won't feel that safe in little rock

    hope that helps.
  4. by   NickiLaughs
    you are beyond awesome for the quick response! Thank you so much. Hubby is definitely more of a fisher, but wants to try his hand at hunting. California is not the best place for that.....or anything else. We are definitely keeping it on our short list and are hoping to visit sometime in the next year.
  5. by   cootvon
    you're welcome. NWA would be a good place to learn to hunt. and a great place to fish.
    you can private msg me if he has any other questions
  6. by   RiverNurse

    I lived in Fayetteville for over 20 years before taking my first nursing job in Memphis, TN.

    Back in the mid 90's Fayetteville was ranked one of the best places to raise a family. It is a beautiful area - however - I have the unique opportunity to have some distance and being able to see the changes (the very rapid changes) that have and are taking place since I moved.

    NWA is growing by leaps and bounds, as it has been predicted, with Rogers being visibly the one with the most growth I've seen recently. On visits "back home" - which is Fayetteville, I've noticed the demographic has changed. The area is becoming even more urbanized, and, as as a result, is losing a lot of the indigenous qualities that it once had. Many of the local shops have had to close down and make way for chain businesses and franchises, but there are places around that still have that "older" charm that I remember.

    The people there are friendly, the air is clean and a person can walk through town with a feeling of safety.

    Some awesome points of interest - Baba Boudan's coffee shop - THE best place for a cup of joe and really good anecdotes and jokes from the owners... A close runner up is Arsaga's. Each of these are local businesses. The former has been there for 20 years, if I'm not mistaken. They roast their own beans and have always done so. The latter has been there nearly that long, this shop always has local art on display and one of the locations typically has live music on Friday evenings by local artists.

    There is always Devil's Den if caving is something of interest, Beaver Lake as previously mentioned, War Eagle's craft fair (a HUGE event!) and Eureka Springs. Oh, and, lest I forget, the largest growing phenomenon over the past decade - Bikes, Blues and BBQ.

    LOL - I think I've talked myself back into heading back home...


  7. by   kmcvolley03
    Does anyone know any good apartments or areas of Fayetteville that are preferably gated and safe? Is there a huge crime rate or is it a safer area to live? I am looking to move toward NWA in next month or two any information would be helpful.