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  1. Hello: I am a new poster-- and had a question. I am not sure I am asking it in the right area-- I am an LPN and am seeking a "bridge program" to RN in AR. I was told that there may be "hospital-based programs" in AR where nurses may work part time and go to school part time but I haven't found anything like this. Any chance anyone has an idea for me?
    Thanks very much!
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  3. by   sirI
    hello, doriana and welcome to and the arkansas forum

    so good to have you with us.

    here are links to colleges/universities that have the lpn-rn program: ..asu in jonesboro .. u of a, fayetteville ..uam, monticello ..uapb, pine bluff ..ualr, little rock ...uca, conway

    link to other nursing colleges/universties:

    hope this helps. enjoy the site.
  4. by   mickey0314
    I am currenty in an LPN-RN ASN program they offer this at ASU thank god I will be graduating Dec. 15 I'm so happy!! If I can help you find out more info about this program I would be gald to.