BHCLR Nursing School Question

  1. Has anyone ever made the alternate list at Baptist for their traditional track nursing program or know of anyone that has that eventually got accepted?
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  3. by   hjguy01
    Hi, I applied to the Fall 2016 RN program and got a letter a few weeks ago saying I was an alternate. Did you ever hear back from them about you? Wondering how long it will take for me to find out.
  4. by   hopefulkim99
    Hello I have to try this. ..I know this is the wrong place, to post this BUT I'm hoping I can get insight and I've been unsuccessful locating the answers. Here we go .... I'm from California and I'm looking for schools in Arkansas. It looks like BHCLR and UALR are most popular. But does anyone have any insight into the other schools out the life East Arkansas CC, PCCUA, SEARK, North Arkansas CC? I just want to apply broadly, but can't find any info on these programs. It seems like UALR and BHCLR might be more popular? Or just more popular on AN...either way any insight would help. I'm out of state so any insight helps. Thank you!