Baptist Health School Little Rock

  1. Hello All,

    Just wanted to start a thread for anyone starting to apply for Baptist RN program for Spring 2016.
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  3. by   Love&coffee
    I just finished my application! Just waiting on BHCLR to get all of my stuff. Have you heard anything back yet?
  4. by   prettylittleliar
    Can anyone tell me about the program..? I applied to UAMS for the BSN program. Does Baptist Health offer that as well? Also, does anyone who is already in the program know how much tuition is? Wasn't sure if it was a private college and more difficult to get into. Noticed most students applied there as back up.
  5. by   Escope01
    Right here! I've finished my application. I can't wait to hear back!
  6. by   hopefulkim99
    Anyone still around care to share their experience with BHCLR?