Baptist Health College in Little Rock

  1. I just wanted to start a thread for hopeful Fall 2016 nursing students at Baptist Health in LR. Haven't gotten any letters yet but was told my application was in review. Really nervous. Wondering if anyone else already received their letters yet? Also if anyone had information on how their program works for RN? Is it going to be 3 semesters long for students who already have college experience? Thank you! So ready to find out something!!
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  3. by   RNmommy2017
    I am attending Baptist's nursing program and literally just took my last final for the semester. It is three semesters long, freshman, sophomore 1 and sophomore 2. It goes from July-December and January- June so the semesters are very long but it flies by
  4. by   hopefulkim99
    Hi if you are still around I'd like to ask you a few questions .Thank you!