Arkansas Nursing Salaries

  1. I just found an old thread here suggesting that someone found several entry-level RN jobs in northwest Arkansas were paying approximately $17 per hour.

    That's it? I was hoping for more since I make more now. Geez. That's kind of disappointing if that is a trend up there.

    Any differing opinions?
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  3. by   Rette
    Hey arkansas fan. I am a GN and I will make 18/hr with a 10% diff in northern arkansas. I'm not sure what the rate is with experience. THe cost of living here is real low and so is the pay. Hope this helps.
  4. by   livinlife67
    I dont know where you are located, but at the nursing home where my mom lives, I was offered a job as soon as I get out of an LPN...with a starting pay of $19.00 per hours plus full benefits. Thats not if they pay that for an LPN....I would think that RNs would make a lot more. ex husbands wife is a director over ICU, and she makes $35.00 per hour (I wouldn't have known that had he not told after hearing that, thats one of the reasons I went back to nursing school...pretty good money to me).
  5. by   ArkansasFan
    $35 isn't bad, and that's more along the lines with what I had in mind when I first envisioned nursing

    I suspect it's entirely regional. Back home I think the RNs were banking like 15 an hour. Bah humbug.
  6. by   LME21
    I graduated a little over a year ago and starting salaries for hospitals in the lr area ranged from 18-20/hr. pool nurses of course make a little more. at the hospital iwork for i believe it is somewhere between 33-35/hr.
  7. by   spejsa
    I am interested in finding out where the nurses make $35 an hour. I have lived in Arkansas for 3 years and I have had most want to pay under $20 an hour.
  8. by   trauma735
    I think most that pay over are only PRN jobs