$17.00 Hr. Starting Wage For RN? - page 3

I read in the newspaper last week that NW Arkansas has a huge nursing shortage problem. Well I just called a hospital there and they informed me that the starting wage was $17.00 Hr. I wounder why... Read More

  1. by   bulllady69
    Hey ya'll I am a LPN in the fort smith are and I make 18.20 an hour that's sad I make more than a RN getting out of school and I have only been out of school for 5 years.
  2. by   maxamillion
    regardless of the opinions of starting pay, in the long run RNs will be able to command much more
  3. by   nursemissy74
    i am an LPN and make 18.50 an hour in a LTC facility in NE arkansas and will graduate in december with my RN and where i work they are going to pay me 25/hr when i pass boards. the cost of living here is the same as NW arkansas
  4. by   koala68
    As a GN I started at 23 an hour. After getting my license I am making 25 in Pittsburgh. But yes, I am overworked and stressed out every shift. One bedroom here is 400.

    I don't like the weather here but I guess I am not moving. I also asked about RN wages in Florida and I was told 18.... what a shame.

    Corporations are really pushing it to the point of establishing inhumane conditions for living in the USA. The pay and benefits at WAL MART is a slavery. The people there work for less than cost of food and housing with no benefits.
  5. by   AFhopeful22
    It's been well over a year since the last post. I'm curious as to whether there have been wage increases for new RN grads in NWA ? I will be relocating to the area after completing my BSN.
  6. by   whitesherlly05
    WOW!!! The cost of living must be very low out there. That is what the MA's make out here. Ever thought about moving????